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Honey Bees for Sale

Honey bee sales on hold till late 2021+

My bees are raised on wild forage in the Sierra Foothills North Texas and organically treated for mites with a disciplined regimen of oxalic acid vapor. Absolutely no amitraz or thymol-based miticides are used in my practice. These ladies are definitely not your pollination contract leftovers exposed to big ag chemicals.

I enjoy getting others into the craft and happy to help new bee keeps with any questions. 

Send an e-mail to with your desired hives and we'll coordinate on pickup timing.

Current Prices

  • 5-Frame Nucleus Hive ("Nuc") - Out of Stock!
  • 8-Frame Hive - Out of Stock!
  • 10-Frame Hive - Out of Stock!
Heavy duty transport boxes provided for your convenience or bring your own equipment and I'll install for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breed(s) do you offer?

My initial stock were Russian and quite aggressive. I cross-bred with Italian for better handling - the Sierra Foothills can get quite hot in the summer so I generally do not wear a veil or gloves.

Are your hives deeps or mediums?

All hives are deeps.

Does the purchase include woodenware (cover, hive body, bottom board)?

No, it's more cost effective for you to purchase from Mann Lake, Dadant, et al. 

Do you use foundation for your frames?

I've converted most of my hives to foundationless. I've found far more rapid comb buildup without foundation vs plastic. I also cycle out my frames often, bees prefer frames without heavy residue.

What time should I arrive?

The best time to arrive is when it's most convenient for you. It takes time for pickup, travel, and install so ensure you have plenty of time to devote to the event. Biologically the ideal times are 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset.

Can I help box the hive?


How should I transport the hive? Is the trunk OK?

Filled frames of bees run hot and can overheat quickly. I recommend transport in a climate controlled area of the vehicle or shaded in the bed of a truck -in most vehicles the trunk area can be opened to the cabin to allow cool airflow. As part of the boxing procedure I tape the transport box closed (to ensure no accidents!) and gently brush off any stragglers.

Do you sell honey too?

No... this may sound a bit odd for a beekeeper, but I'm not much of a honey eater. I'll keep a few jars around for toast and bread, but otherwise give it away to family and friends. The vast majority I keep in the hives to sustain over winter - this reduces/eliminates the need for supplemental feeding.

Can you ship?

Sorry, I do not.


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