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Building Custom Beeswax Molds with 3D Printed PETG and Silicone Resin

Through my beekeeping operation I accumulate dozens of spent frames from which I salvage beeswax.

Until recently I created candles as a means of storage for refined wax, though it reached a point where candle creation exceeded consumption.

I decided to cast the refined wax into blocks for long term storage and began the process of creating molds. I pursued a number of concepts before settling on one which fit my needs; this post is will hopefully save others a fair amount of time as little information is available on the web for fabricating custom beeswax molds.

Guidelines for the project:
Use materials on-hand:3D Printed PLA or PETGSilicone ResinMust be capable of reliably imprinting fine detail; minor defects are acceptable so long as it fits within the definition of "rustic"Technique must be adaptable across a range of sizes: 1/4 Lb to 5 LbsPreheating of molds prior to casting not requiredMold release agent (silicon spray) not required PETG Mold My first attempts were prin…